* 1976
in Dresden / atelier in Dresden

2011 – 2014
post-graduate at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (Meisterschüler of Prof. Lutz Dammbeck)

diploma of fine arts at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

2006 – 2011
fine art studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts (Prof. Christian Sery - interdisciplinary painting / Prof. Elke Hopfe - graphics / Prof. Ulrike Grossarth - performance / Prof. Lutz Dammbeck - multimedia arts)

2005 – 2006
culture studies at the Dresden University of Technology (Slavic language and Literature studies, German language and Literature studies)

scholarships (selection)

scholarship of the Department for Culture and Monument Protection of the Saxon State Capital Dresden

scholarship received from the Circle of Friends of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

project sponsorship of the State-owned Enterprise Saxonian Estate and Construction Management

atelier sponsorship by Dr. Ursula and Wilfried Köhler

solo exhibitions (selection)

"rhythm studies / shadow knows" (pictures to be used for the 14. Bundeswettbewerb für Schulpraktisches Klavierspiel Grotrian Steinweg, University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar)

"notes from the octopuss´ office" (Marcolini Palais, Dresden)

"LYRICA 2017 logical brain drain (KUNZTRAUM, Dresden)
"LYRICA 2017 serene vitrine (public intervention, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden)

2013 – ongoing
"Die Rückkehr der Pfote / Return of the Paw" (Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, foyer, permanent installation)

"Entropical Seasons II" (Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, sculptors´ location, temporary public intervention)

"PygmaLion" (Sculpture Collection, Schaudepot "Antike bis Barock", Albertinum, Dresden State Art Collections)

performances (selection)

"up´n´down´n´round" (3 solo dancing performances, Atelier 322, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts)

"up tight and down" (solo dancing performances, Atelier 322, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts)

"Bruises and Blues" (solo dancing performance, Atelier 322, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts)

"Baerformance" (cooking performance with T. Mende, Freitagsküche, Frankfurt Main)

"Love For Sale" (solo performance in context of the exhibition "Born in the GDR / Von Osten nach Boston", JP Artmarket, Boston)

group exhibitions (selection)

"New Masters So Far" (Kunsthaus, Dresden)
"geradezu momentan" (exhibition in context of the 250th anniversary of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts)
"Kunstlotterie" (Galerie m2a)

"Paws pro toto. II" (presentation in context of the monument protection conference "Kommunizieren – Partizipieren. Neue Wege der Denkmalvermittlung" at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts)

"Café Aussig" (Motorenhalle, Dresden)
"Zwischenstand" (Gallery at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts)

"Hotel Vladimir" (Motorenhalle, Dresden)
"20/10" (Heizkraftwerk Mitte, Dresden)

"Produktionsprozesse" (Heizkraftwerk Mitte, Dresden)

"Born In The GDR / Von Osten nach Boston" (JP Artmarket, Boston)

academical teaching

since 2016
concept and realization of the workshop "Performative Introduction in the Architecture and History of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts"

2007 – 2014
Technical assistance, organization of teachings, curating assistance, and documentation at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden:

2012 – 2014
for the workshop "Introduction in Chinese Calligraphy"

2007 – 2008
for Prof. Christian Sery


since 2000
songwriting for several musical acts (The Radiation Kings, The Venusshells, Martin Rose)

(copy and paste the following link into the adress bar of your browser to see concert video outtakes:

"Gloom Blooms" (musical performance with H. Schramm at the exhibition opening of "Farben des Todes", Uniwerk, Pirna)

"Early Bird Special Night" (musical performance with H. Schramm, Side Door, Dresden)

"Thee Songs" (musical performance with H. Schramm, at the exhibition opening of "Kleine Haie" im Kunstbahnhof, Dresden)

2000 – 2005
freelance interview research and camera for alternative music television ´viva 2´ resp. ´viva plus´ (interviews with Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull, Charles Neville, Dave Davies, Schorsch Kamerun, King Rocko Schamoni, Sven Regener and others)